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Lady Mirelle's Piplup - 1 Remaining
Species: Piplup
Gender: Male Shiny?: No
Hydro Pump Waterfall
Surf Brine
More Information - GTSDex Page
Nature: Lonely Level: 1
Ability: Torrent Hacked?: No
Item Held: TM14 Cloned?: No
Caught With: Poké Ball Pokérus: -----
Date Posted: 27-August 09
Advanced Information
Skills (Their total stats; viewable from their Summary)
HP: 12 ATK: 6 SP.ATK: 6
SPD: 6 DEF: 5 SP.DEF: 6
IVs (Individual Values)
HP: 0 ATK: 0 SP.ATK: 0
SPD: 0 DEF: 0 SP.DEF: 0
EVs (Effort Values)
HP: 0 ATK: 0 SP.ATK: 0
SPD: 0 DEF: 0 SP.DEF: 0
Requesting: Make me an offer.
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Other Notes
One available. Only looking for common or starter pokémon. PM if interested.
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